Naturopathic Nutrition is dedicated to working with each individual’s unique expression of health, discovering the root causes and considering the underlying conditions to reach total health. Root Health supports individuals with a wide range of disease states. Nutrition is the bodies’ foundation and always has a way of supporting most health concerns. It is, by definition, the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

Tara has a particular interest in the functioning of the Immune system, autoimmune conditions and gluten related disorders.

Tara is a mother of young children and understands the importance of establishing a healthy foundation. She enjoys working with people seeking the best nutrition for their family. This includes pre-pregnancy and fertility, pregnancy, breast-feeding health, weaning, toddlers and school going children.

Root Health consultations and nutrition plans always address the whole person, not just the disease supporting each individual holistically.

If you have a question about our approach to your particular health condition, please visit the contact page or
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