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Nourish Your Soul – One Day Retreat in Minane Bridge

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Life can be hectic and we often forget to check in with ourselves, listen and reconnect.  Sometimes what it takes is to actually set aside that time… schedule it into your life and prioritize YOU!

If you enjoy:

  • Nurturing your body
  • Nourishing food
  • Food for thought


Read on…

Nourish Your Soul one day retreat is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with yourself and meet like-minded souls for a special day of relaxation, nurturing and learning how you can take best care of your amazing self.

  • Experience mindful breathing, meditation and relaxing yoga.
  • Learn about wonderful nurturing foods by means of demonstration and discussion followed by sharing and tasting our delicious creations for lunch.
  • Explore how well we listen to ourselves, how well we listen to our bodies, our emotions and our intuitive wisdom and discover how all communication reflects the relationship we have with ourselves.


Throughout the day, we will be exploring and learning how we can further develop our listening skills and create greater harmony in our body, heart, mind and soul toward a more peaceful, loving, conscious and healthy life.

Our wish for this day is that you will have a revitalised sense of the importance of listening, loving and nurturing yourself for who you are, with a deeper understanding and passion to Nourish Your Soul every day.

Nourish Your Soul is a collective of 4 like minded individuals who have come together to combine the best parts of what they do to create a unique event focused on Nourishing your Soul.

Steph: Steph is a Relationship and Communications Mentor.  She also posts her daily reflections and thoughts on SoulSus social media platforms.  “I believe we are all always communicating with ourselves through our feelings, our bodies and our intuition, but we may not always listen.  Developing our listening skills is an integral part of honest communication and deepening our relationships”.

Tara: Tara is a Nutritional Therapist, practicing as Root Health Nutrition, and has always been enthusiastic about the art and science behind healing through food.

Fanny:  Fanny is a vegan chef and nutritional cooking advisor with a passion for creating delicious food which  maintains physical, mental and emotional health.

Together they are The FoodRemedy.  “We are passionate about food; really good food that nourishes and heals.  Our great intention is to inspire and ignite a love of real food, get creative in the kitchen and help people to find their own unique journey to wellness”.

Fabiola: Fabiola trained as a Contemporary Dancer and then became a Yoga, Pilates, Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer and is now owner of Sacred Body Studio.  “Yoga is a great discipline to teach you how to balance, strengthen and explore flexibility and movement. The word Yoga means ‘Unit’, it invites you to experiment and work with your whole body altogether. I deeply believe in acceptance, kindness, respect, understanding and love for ourselves and others”.

Come join us for a day of bliss.

Saturday November 12th, 2016


Tracton Arts & Community Centre, Minane Bridge

Tickets can be purchase here.

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